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GCUFF 10 yrs

Celebrating The 10th Annual GCUFF With The Whites

The annual Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival (GCUFF), celebrating 10 years of Black film, life, and culture brings lovers of film and world-renowned actors to the area.

Transportation for Mr. Michael Jai and Mrs. Gillian White

Foundation Transportation handled all first-class transportation services to celebrity guests and acclaimed film stars, Michael Jai White and his wife, Gillian White, for the film festival happening September 9-17, 2021.

Spotlight Screening of ‘Take Back’ at GCUFF

Michael Jai White, also a director, hosted the opening night festivities.

The couple (also expert martial artists) hosted a spotlight screening of their film, “Take Back,” at GCUFF that was inspired by true events.
In the movie, the Whites portray a couple named Zara and Brian living the ideal small-town life when a mysterious stranger from Zara’s secret past kidnaps their daughter and they race against time to save her life.
The film also stars Mickey Rourke and James Russo.

Congratulations & Thanks to the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival

Foundation Transportation thanks GCUFF for the opportunity to serve its celebrity guests and congratulates the organization on a decade of celebrating Black film.

The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the celebration, preservation, promotion, and advancement of African-American arts, culture, and cinema.

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